Reduce composite fabricating costs with spray-applied mulit-use silicone vacuum bags

Sprayable - saves time, cuts costs and reduces handling
Workable - "net shape" conforms fully to tooling, even complex contours
Odorless - minimal odor, no solvents, no VOCs
Repairable - easily repairable with like material to extend the life of the bag
Long lasting - each bag can be used to make hundreds of parts

SWORL* reusable vacuum bagging systems are products of Prairie Technology Group’s on-going effort to satisfy customer requirements to achieve green processes and reduce costs. SWORL reusable vacuum bags are suitable for infusion and autoclave applications. As a long term supplier to the marine, industrial fiberglass/composite and aerospace markets, Prairie Technology Group identified fabricators’ needs for an improved bagging material with features including:

• Green alternative to other manufacturing methods
• Ability to make larger bags faster

• Easy handling to reduce labor
• Improved cost efficiency compared with single-use bags or expensive closed molds

• VOC-free formulation which will support MACT compliance
• Ability to re-use bags multiple times


SWORL re-usable vacuum bags meet these objectives. SWORL VOC-free silicone bags are spray made and may be re-used for building 100+ parts. The SWORL process won an Innovation Award at the 2004 IBEX Exhibition.


President, Larry Audette, founded Prairie Technology Group, Inc. in 1984. The Texas-based company supplies manufacturers with epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic adhesives, release agents, silicones and sealants.

Prairie Technology serves accounts throughout the world with key customers involved in manufacturing boats, heavy-duty truck bodies, turbine blades, water treatment tanks, aerospace, and others.


*Patented; License is required to use the SWORL process. This license is granted at no charge to purchasers of PRSI products.
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